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Congratulations to 6 VietMD doctors being matched to US residency this year. is very proud to be a part of your journey to US residency. We wish you the very best in your next endeavors.
Match List 2015:
1. Internal Medicine Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, Connecticut,
    Yale University Affiliated Hospital
2. Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury, Connecticut,
    Yale University Affiliated Hospital
3. Medstar Harbor Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
4. Pathology University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Pediatrics
5. Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
- VietMD Team
On Dec 5th, had our first meeting to introduce VietMD new board of officers/directors. During our first meeting, we also highlighted past achievements, coordinated ongoing tasks, and initiated several upcoming projects., Inc. would like to welcome our new board of officers/directors:

1. President – Huynh Wynn Tran, MD
2. Vice-President – Kieu-Nhi Tran, PharmD Candidate
3. Chief of Financial Officer – Thao Tran, PharmD
4. Medical Director – Tu Lan Nguyen, MD
5. Director of Research – Duc Vu, MD, PhD
6. Director of Medical Education – Hung Nguyen, MD
7. Director of Medical English Training – Dung Le, MBChB
8. Chief of IT – Chi Luong, BS
9. Director of Medical Translation/Interpretation – Giao Tran, BS, BA
10. Membership/Volunteer Coordinator – Van Do, MD
11. Director of Public Relation – TBA

In the spirit of cooperation, we will do our best to assist aspiring doctors and to help Vietnamese patients with all our dedicated efforts.
V, Inc has been officially registered as a US based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the state of Michigan as well as with IRS. We are setting out sights on further expansion of, with a focus on national and global activities.
VietMD will officially be formalized as a non-profit organization in the state of Michigan. Upon VietMD’s formalization, Dr. Hung Nguyen will be the Director of Education. His email address is
Dr. Hung Nguyen went to medical school in Hanoi for 1 year and then went to Russia for medical school with a full scholarship. He is fluent in Vietnamese, English, and Russian. He will be helping VietMD with guidelines and recommendations for residency application process. For those who are applying this year, please contact Dr. Huynh W Tran and Dr. Hung Nguyen with your updated CV.
The Match 2014 has ended. Congratulations our 3 doctors upon their matching into residency programs. Best wishes on their next exciting and productive years of residency. (Visit VietMD.Net Forum for more information on 2014 residency match)
For those who are thinking about entering residency in July 2015, you need to start timing your application now. Ideally, to maximize the strength of your application, you should have all the critical components (USMLE scores, letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc.) ready by September 1, 2014. Ensuring the best timing, preparation, and being thoughtful about the application process will help you become much stronger candidates for residency programs of choice.
Good luck! started a Skin Cancer survey for Vietnamese in the US. The survey will take place in Jacksonville and Orlando (Florida), Grand Rapids (Michigan, and Boston (Massachusetts) . Our goal is to have a minimal of 100 responses and submit this study for publication.
ERAS 2014 opened. We will meet in late August to discuss about this year residency application. Hosts are Dr. Tran and Dr. T Nguyen. Congrats on our members who passed and aced step 1 recently.
Congrats Dr. T Nguyen on his match into Internal Medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Chicago. We are proud of you.
Dr. W Tran is working with ICU attending physicians at UMC Vietnam to develop problem based learning (PBL) for Vietnamese ICU residents. The resident will present the ase during monthly conference with physicians. Prepare for 2013 Match day and SOAP. will meet with all applicants to discuss about SOAP and Match day soon.
Happy New Year from to everyone. Thank you for your support last year. We are looking forward to Free prescription to uninsured Vietnamese patients at Tinh Tam and Phuoc Vien Temples in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Tran will give low cost (Walmart) prescriptions to uninsured and low income people in these temple during his regular monthly visit. Please contact the temple administrator for more information and eligibilities.
Congrats on Drs. Duc Vu, Tung Nguyen, and Mai Quy for their first interview invitations. We're proud of you and we wish you best for this year residency application.
Dr. Tran will conduct mock interview with these Drs very soon.
Community Talk: October 7 at Tinh Tam about Health for nail worker. October 14 at Phuoc Vien about Back Pain.
Online Medical English class for medical students at University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Hochiminh City started on October 12. This class will meet monthly and use PBL (problem based learning) method. For information, please go to Forum Online Medical English class for student at Can Tho University will start soon. was featured on Tuoi Tre news and other major newspapers in Vietnam for teaching medical students and doctors in Vietnam. Online meeting for UMC was on September 29, Dr. Tuan Nguyen, urology resident, presented a BPH case.
Community talks September 16 at Tinh Tam Temple for basic CPR. September 23 at Phuoc Vien Temple. members applied for US residency in internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine. Good luck to all. Ms. Vy Le, 3rd year medical student at Can Tho University will be representative at her medical school. We're still looking for more medical school representatives from other medical schools as well. If you're interested, please email for more information. president, Dr. Wind Tran, meets with VAMA (Vietnamese American Medical Association) president, Dr. Johnathan Lam, and officers in Orlando, Florida at VAMA National Convention to discuss future cooperations and networking of Vietnamese physicians in the USA.
Ms. Lynn Ly and Dr. Thinh Nguyen helps open a new section on Health Information for Vietnamese Patients at forum. These includes online consultation for patient, basic information about first aid, heart disease, lung disease, etc. Thank you Ms. Ly and Dr. Nguyen for their excellent articles. In addition, Dr. Wind Tran's health flyers about his talk at local communities also in this section. Community talk schedule for August 
August 5 at Tinh Tam Budda Temple: Hypertension and How to Prevent. Please contact Mr. Dung Vo at 904 955 2299 for more information.
August 26 at Phuoc Vien Budda Temple: Hypertension and How to Prevent. Please contact Mr. Khai Tran at 904 573 7886 for more information.
Online Meeting for UMC Medical Staff (Vietnam) is scheduled Friday, August 24. Topic is USMLE based case discussion, moderate by Dr. Quan Dang from Saigon General Hospital. As usual, the discussion will be at UMC Lecture Hall, Floor 4th, University Medical Center, HCMC, Vietnam. community activity: Dr. W Tran continues monthly health lecture series at Tinh Tam Buddha Temple in Jacksonville, Florida. The first lecture about diabetes and nutrition will be on Sunday, July 22, at 1:00 PM after mass. ERAs and residency this year will start soon. There is a list of IMG friendly internal medicine residency on forum. Good luck everyone for the Match 2013.
EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) is now a part of online lecture for UMC doctors. In June lecture, Dr. Huynh W Tran discussed about EBM in CLEVER study pulished in Circulation earlier this year (Claudication: Exercise versus Endoluminal Revascularization). Next month, the presenter will be Ms. Suong Le (4th year medical student). EBM is a requirement in residency training in the US.
Congratulations to Dr. Duc Vu and Dr. Tung Nguyen on passing the USMLE Step 2 CS. initiates online lecture for doctors at Can Tho General Hospital, Can Tho, Vietnam. Ms. Giang Bui, representative in Vietnam meets Drs. Du, Deputy Director, and D. Thao Da, Hospital Administrator from Can Tho General Hospital to develop an online course for the medical staff. The format will be similar to the one delivers at Hochiminh City university Medical Center and Dr. Huynh W Tran will be the course director. website and forum were revised with new designs and more friendly use. Please check out our new forum at VietMD established monthly online Medical English lectures for doctors at University Medical Center in Hochiminh City, Vietnam by Dr. W Tran 2012
Online Medical English Lectures Schedule
Feb 16: General Hematology
March 7: Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy
April 17: Acute Cholecystitis May 29: Endocrinology - DKA and HHS
June 19: Interventional Radiology - CLEVER Study
July 27: Acute Renal Injury - Internal Medicine
August 22: USMLE Based Case - Internal Medicine All online lectures via Skype are at Lecture Hall, 4th Floor, University Medical Center, 215 Hong Bang St, District 5, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Dr. Wind H Tran taught a General Medical English Course for Doctors in Vietnam. The course covered major topics in internal medicine, physician communication, and other specialties. Eligible participants will receive certificates jointly issued by the University Medical Center in Hochiminh City and VietMD.Net. Please go to VietMD.Net forum for list of doctors received certificates. VietMD.Net library is updated with new books. Log in to your forum to see.

ABOUT VIETMD.NET, INC, Inc. (former VMGUS) is founded by a group of American Board Certified Physicians and Pharmacists to help aspiring Vietnamese doctors and patients. is U.S registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.


I. VietMD.Net  Missions: 

1. To help Vietnamese American patients gain information and knowledge neeeded for effective self-care via community activities and consultations.

2. To help Vietnamese physicians and students learning Medical English, USMLE, and US medicine by distance learning and webinar courses.

3. To provide information about United States Physician Residency and Fellowship opportunities. 


II. VietMD.Net Structures:

1. Division of Medical Education & Research
This division offers educational activities including certificates and courses and promotes research and scholarly activities in VietMD.Net community.

2. Division of VMGUS
This division guides and helps Vietnamese Medical Graduates seeking US residencies.

3. Division of Foundation and Scholarships
This division is responsible for fundraising and scholarship activities.    

4. Vietnamese Interpretation and Translation


III. VietMD.Net competencies for student and resident physicians:

VietMD.Net follows ACGME's guidelines as standards for learning medical competency knowledge. 

  1. Patient care,
  2. Medical knowledge,
  3. Practice-based learning and improvement
  4. Interpersonal and communication skills
  5. Professionalism
  6. Systems-based practice.